About me

Kittens F 001Hello, I am Marjon and I live in Ede( The Netherlands). My Children are all gone out of the house so I am sharing my house with my pets. In the house I have a dog; a White Swiss Sheperd dog , 1 Somalian girl, 2 Somalian boys and 2 Aby var. girls.

Outside I have rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs and birds.

I love to be surrounded with animals! That is why I love to breed with my cats.

The most important thing to us in breeding is take good care of health and character. We want to make a tribute to the beautiful breed The Somalian. We search for healthy bloodlines. It is important that the stud we use have a good health, is not relate to our females and that he have a nice and human oriented character. These character properties we see in our cats; Girls Noes, Fiep and Floor and boys Beer and Olle. Fynn and Suus will stay with us as castrated pets.

The kittens will be socialized with humans, dogs and other cats so they will develop their social skills.

Somalian cats are extrovert, stubborn and intelligent cats. They have a special way to show their needs. They do not often use their voice to do this but with their body language they make it clear. They need people around them to feel good. They are curious and smart. Everything in the house will get a firm inspection. They stay playful during their whole live and always into doing new things. When they are not playing they love to have a long rest on your lap to be cuddled and caressed.

vakantie en kittens 375Foto fynn