Kitten News

The kittens of Fipe and Olle are born on the 6th of May 2018!

There are 2 fawn boys, 1 fawn girl and 1 blue boy.


On the 18th of November the litter of Fiep and Olle is born.

There are two kittens; a Somali and an Abyssinian boy.

On the 22th of November 2016 the litter of Noes and Beer is born.

This litter are 3 kittens; 2 chocolat Aby var girls and 1 chocolat Somali girl. One of the Aby var girls will keep on living her because I can not breed with Noes anymore.


The kittens of Olle and Fiep moved to their new homes.

Sherekahn Eden lives with a Somalian cat in a family with kids. Bagheera Noebie is living with 3 older female cats and his new owner Margriet. Rama Nova is living together with an Abyssinian boy of the same age with a young couple. Mowgli lives with three Abyssinians with a family wth kids. Hathi has moved together with Suus to our “animal-sitter” Amy and Raksha will move to Sweden in October to be part of the Cattery of Helena Sharifi; Helinka`s

The kittens of Suus and Fynn left the house

Jinah lives with a Abussinian boy and is called Lola. Masour is living with a Abyssinian girl and is called Wolfje now. Neera Kira lives in Germany now at Cattery von Diajo and will be a breeding girl in the future. We wish them the best of luck in their new houses


Zaza of Bahir Dar has moved to her new home.

Zaza lives with Els en Fred now in The Netherlands as a happy pet! We wish Fred and Els lots of joy with their little girl


The kittens of Ayondela de la Lubaya and Kär el Khamsa left the house.

There are 3 sorrel kittens- 1 boy and 2 girls- and 1 ruddy girl. Unfortunally the ruddy girl dies after 9 days. The names they have are within the theme IKEA; The girls are called Odda and Tarva and the boy is called Hemnes. There is an option on all the kittens. All three of them lives in the Netherlands as pets.


The kittens of Suus ( Helinka`s Katharina) en Chumba (Nepomuk von Porta Coelie) born on the 9th of June 2014, all left the house. There are 4 kittens; 1 ruddy Aby var. girl, 1 ruddy Aby var. boy, 1 ruddy Somalian girl and 1 sorrel Somalian girl.The Somalian ruddy girl lives in Belgium now. The sorrel girl is going into breeding in Germany. The ruddy Aby var boy is going into breeding in the Netherlands and the ruddy Aby var girl  lives in Amsterdam now.